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Psychology - Career Profile

            Psychology is the study of mind or the mind's mental states and processes. Psychology is viewed as a field of science that is responsible for obtaining and applying information about the different behaviors of human and subhuman organisms. Psychology's scope includes how people learn, their fears, how they control themselves, what they imagine, what pulls them towards some goals and what pushes them away from others. A psychologist is a professional who specializes in identifying and treating diseases of the brain, emotional disturbances, and behavior problems. Clinical psychologists often work together with other professionals in teams in order to deal with difficult patient problems. The goal of a psychologist is to reduce the misery of a client and improve their psychological happiness. They use psychological approaches and research to make positive changes to their clients' lives and offer different forms of treatment.
             A job as a psychologist requires a PhD degree. Most major in psychology in a college or university and earn their bachelor's degree. A PhD takes most people four or more years of studying after they receive a bachelor's degree. It is mandatory that most individuals serve one or more years as an intern before achieving their goal of becoming a clinical psychologist. Internship programs that give real-life experience with patients are an important piece of master's and doctoral programs. Internships to complete a master's degree usually need at least 52 weeks at 40 hours per week with adjustments for vacation and holidays. Two and three year intern programs for social or family counseling offer healthy treatment experiences for the intern. Psychologists can start out from school to an intern, then an employee to a raise, then an employer to opening a private practice. Many psychologists work at universities and colleges while others work at hospitals, prisons, or private practices.

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