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Personality Traits and Leadership Styles

            This synthesis paper will discuss three different articles that had a common theme of how personality traits and different types of leadership values that will help a person to be successful in the career path, no matter what that path may be, whether a president of the country, president of a company or an employee of either of these two, you can be a successful team player. In the three articles that were reviewed for this study, we were able to see that there are psychopathic traits that help lead to successful leadership position whether in politics or in the world of business.
             In the article written by, Lilienfeld, S. O., Waldman, I. D., Landfield, K., Watts, A. L., Rubenzer, S., & Faschingbauer, T. R. (2012), entitled "Fearless dominance and the U.S. presidency: Implications of psychopathic personality traits for successful and unsuccessful political leadership," we are able to look into the lives of the US Presidents to see how their levels of psychopathy helped them to be successful leaders of this country. The discussion continues regarding maladaptive and adaptive behaviors associated to psychopathy. .
             Psychopathic traits include (but are not limited to) poor impulse control, dishonesty, guiltlessness, egocentricity, fearlessness and interpersonal dominance. The data that was utilized within this study was taken from personality profiles that were gathered by historical experts who have studied and have knowledge of the United States Presidents and also surveys which focus on Presidential leadership as many aspects within their own individual presidencies. The basis of the study conducted by was to look at certain qualities associated with psychopathy that seem to advance individuals in certain types of leadership roles. The authors discovered there are multiple domains of psychopathy, and that boldness are an important characteristic of one domain for those in leadership positions; whether they are in management or CEO positions or that of a President.

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