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Leadership in the Godfather

             In this paper I will attempt to compare the leadership traits and styles of the leading character in both the movies of the Godfather and Becket. I will do by providing a detail description of each character, theirs ways and means of influence and my overall reaction to each character. .
             In the film the Godfather Marlon Brando plays the character Vito Corleone, a charismatic well respected head of a mafia organization called the called the family. The God father is an epic tale of Mafia life in America during the 1940s and '50s. Vito Corleone is the family patriarch balancing a love of his family with an ambitious criminal instinct. .
             Staring Richard Burton as the character of Becket and Peter O'Toole as Henry II the film is a bout the lifelong friendship of Henry II and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket. Where at he climax the friendship is tested and ends in tragedy as Becket grows more confident and thoughtful in his position. .
             After watching the movie the God Father it could be concluded that Vito Corleone was clearly a authoritarian leader, one who wield power to obtain follower compliance whenever and wherever needed. Much like the authoritarian leader Mr. Corleone appeared to be the sole decision maker always issues orders, establishing rules and offers rewards for compliance and punishment for noncompliance. The character displayed a number of leader ship styles and traits depending on the situation. Some may be more difficult to comprehend then other, this was due to his stable personality and attitude through the entire movie. Another form of leadership that could be seen was evidence of a transactional leader this would be one who motivates his/her followers by providing a benefit, which appeals to the self-interest of the follower, in exchange for the services rendered by the follower. We witness this where he barters and bargains for the services of both followers and non followers an example would be the situation between the movie director and the singer/entertainer.

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