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Book Talk on The Godfather by

            Title: Book Talk on The Godfather by Mario Puzo.
             In this book Don Corleone, is sometimes refereed to as The Don or The G.
             odfather out of respect, is the head of the Corleone family. Originally named.
             Vito Andolini, The Don changed his name to Corleone, after fleeing from the.
             Mafia in Italy, and arriving at New York. There he quickly makes alliances, and.
             political contacts, and is able to create the most powerful family in New York.
             His power is challenged when The Don refuses to enter into the business of.
             narcotics with the Tattaglias, another family. The Tattaglias, have reason to.
             believe that Santino, one of the Dons sons, is interested and attempt to kill.
             The Don, hoping his son who would be in charge would agree, but fail. A big war.
             eventually breaks out, but after loosing Santino, The Don makes peace, to be.
             able to safely bring his son, who is hiding out in Sicily, home. At this point.
             The Don teaches his son Michael about the family business, and how to avenge.
             Santinos death, and set things straight before the family who has planned to.
             move to Vegas to pursue their business of gambling, moves.
             character sketches :.
             Don Corleone :.
             Don Corleone is the head of the Corleone family, and is feared and respected.
             by many. Don Vito Corleone demands only one thing from a person, his pledge of.
             friendship. With this, no matter how poor or powerless the person, the Don would.
             never disappoint him if he came to him for help. This is partly why he is.
             respected by everyone and has earned the right to be called the Godfather. In.
             terms of keeping the family at the top, Don Corleone uses his intelligence. He.
             is also a great negotiator. He made it a point never to threaten the person he.
             was speaking to, and act very politely. He once reasoned with a man for 12 hrs.
             Until that man gave in. The Don has principals and does not consider himself a.
             criminal, but a person who has his own ethics and has to enforce them. An.
             example of this was his decline of the offer to join in the importation of.

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