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Cartels in America Today

            "A cartel is national or international organization of manufacturers or traders allied by agreement to fix prices, limit supply, divide markets, or to fix quotas for sales, manufacture, or division of profits among the member firms. In that it often has international scope the cartel is broader than the trust, and in that it carries on manufacture it differs from the speculative corner or ring. I believe that the existence of cartels refutes the beliefs of free trade and classic theories of economic competition. The existence of cartels is in opposition to classic theories of economic competition and the free market, and they are forbidden by law in many nations (http://encyclopedia.com/html/c1/cartel.asp)." There are several cartels in the world, but only 3 that will be presented in this paper, and they are: 1) Cali Cartel 2) Tijuana Cartel and 3) Gulf Cartel. I choose these 3 cartels because from what I have read, there has been controversy between each cartel. They have been "at war" between each other because everyone wants people to buy drugs from their cartel. Things get pretty intresting!.
             The Cali Cartel.
             "The drug boom in Colombia inspired a competing cartel in Cali; a city of 1.5 million persons located about 250 miles south of Medellin. The Cali cartel refers to a loose alliance of five major trafficking groups with preeminence shared by the kinship/crime families of Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela and his brothers, Miguel and Jose Santacruz Londono (Abadinsky, 2003 pg.175)." The drug cartel based in Cali, Colombia, is the largest player in the multi-billion dollar worldwide cocaine industry. Although their operations are highly illegal, opposed by both Colombian and US law enforcement agencies, and despite their top personnel on the run, the cartel continues to run a very effective operation.
             With many of their top personnel being in exile, one must imagine how they are able to accomplish the convoluted and complex logistics behind their business practices.

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