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The Story and Character Of The GodFather

            The Godfather, can be described as having a three act structure as follows:.
             Introduction: The introduction of Don Corleone his Mafia values and Michael and his contradictory up right moral, American values. .
             The demonstration of Don Corleone's brutal Mafia business style via the Hollywood sequence (head in the bed).
             Complication: Don Corleone's does not agree to join Sollozzo in the move into narcotics.
             Climax: Don Corleone is hit.
             Act II.
             Sonny takes over the leadership of the family and demonstrates a passionate and careless style.
             Michael realises that his father is to be killed in the hospital and in an intelligent and cunning act of bravery saves his life.
             Mid act climax: In accordance with Mafia values Michael avenges his father's death and murders Sollozzo and the policeman.
             While hiding in Sicily Michael falls in love with Appolonia.
             End of act climax: Appolonia is murdered.
             Act III.
             Michael returns to America and takes over the business. Don Corleone dies.
             Climax of the film: Michael enacts murderous revenge on the other five families.
             End: Michael becomes the new Don.
             The protagonist is Michael Corleone. In the beginning of the story he is presented as having all the qualities of a great leader. He is a humble war hero. He is loyal to his family, but he is an independent thinker, who does not want to be part of the Mafia. He is morally upright. He wants to do the right thing.
             Fate places Michael in a situation where he needs to make a moral decision. He makes a mistake because of a flaw in his character. Michael's, pride, love and his loyalty to his father set him on a morally destructive course. Michael's moral vision is corrupted and his goal becomes the great leadership, control and protection of his Mafia family.
             Michael is a complex character of many contradictions. He is both moral and immoral both a sympathetic son and a cold heartless murderer.
             The antagonist's to Michael's goal of protection of his family are the heads of the other Mafia families as they threaten Michael's control and the safety of his family.

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