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The Godfather: A movie Review

            Understanding Communication within the Godfather.
             Francis Coppola's timeless classic, the Godfather, illustrates many different types of communication. The movie is based on a mob family and their struggle with power and the problems that come hand in hand with having power. The Corleone family must narcotics dealers trying to use their family for the sale of their drugs, and by refusing to sell their drugs, the family almost falls from its seat in power. Throughout the movie many powerful types of nonverbal and verbal communication are illustrated.
             The epic movie begins at a wedding at the don, the head of the Corleone family, house. At this point the viewer is not aware of who the family is and how much power they actually hold. Coppola uses this scene to display the Corleone family's power through some very powerful communication. One example can be scene when the photographer at the wedding takes a picture of one of the older members of the family. Immediately a couple of men take the camera from the photographer and destroy the film. Later the photographer's camera is broken on the ground and a couple of dollars are thrown around the broken camera to pay for the damages. These scenes exhibit the how the members of the family have no concern for societies rules and values. It also shows how extremely rich and powerful the members of this family are, but not only are they rich and powerful, they are well respected. This is shown in the scene were Don Vito Corleone is sitting in his office and a man comes to thank him for inviting him to the wedding. The man is shown outside his office practicing his speech before he enters. Once he approaches the Don, he begins to stutter and sweat. This illustrates not only how .
             Carter 2.
             people respect the family, but fear them. The scene of the wedding also shows how great their influence is on the rest of society. This is illustrated through the singer, Jonny Fontane, showing up to sing at the wedding.

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