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The Mafia :A Review

             The word mafia, is common throughout society vocabulary but how much do we really know about this old family business? The mafia, which is an influential group of people who protect each other and the rights they feel are necessary. The word mafia has a literal translation of "my daughter" in Italian. The mafia, which originated in Sicily, moved over to the United States in the early 1900's according to historians. "Mafia Towns" are found all over the United States there is a total of 26 but the largest is in New York City. There is one boss in each town, also known as a Don, and numerous families that follow them. The basic activities of the mafia are extortion, hijacking, narcotics trafficking, gambling, high class robberies, contractual murder, stock market fraud and money laundering. However, the mafia's power and presence has not been as prominent as it once was. Different theories come down to practically two conclusions a historical perspective and a moral perspective. A question that should occur within us however.
             In the early 1900's, the communication between the mafia in Sicily and the growing mafia in America was started by Vito Cascio Ferro. Vito Cascio Ferro, was the first Sicilian Capo de Tutti Capi. He fled to the United States in 1901 to escape arrest and ended up forming a group, the Black Hand. Its' members were hardened criminals, currently fugitives from Sicily. Ferro is known as the Father of the American Mafia. In 1924, Mussolini was determined to rid Italy of the Mafia so many members fled to the United States to avoid persecution, which increased the numbers of members in the organization. .
             This was the beginning of the mafia in America and the market for their business was not as high yet. The mafia business began picking up when the prohibition started,.
             "With Prohibition came the birth and growth spurt of nationally organized crime.

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