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            The bullet caught Sollozzo squarely between his eye and his ear and when it exited on the other side, it blasted out a huge gout of blood and skull fragments onto the petrified waiter's jacket. Instinctively Micheal knew that one bullet was enough. Sollozzo had turned his head in that last moment and Michael had seen the light of life die in the man's eyes as clearly as a candle goes out" ------ a gory paragraph from a book filled with violence, power and might. A book where the gun speaks more than the tongue and violence is the way of life. Where bloody deaths are as common as the common cold and where God takes second place to The Godfather, Vito Corleone. .
             There are notions in the world we live in notions that are ubiquitous in human society. Notions that proclaim violence to be insensitive and omnipotent power to be unreal. In the world of the Godfather that Mario Puzo has created, these notions remain mere notions. There is no truth in them, because violence is given a human side. A real side. In the Godfather's world, nobody kills a man without reason. The assassin, one may argue, does just that---kill without reason, because he is told to kill. Because he is paid to kill. But even though he does not know the reason, he does know that there is a reason. There is no truth in common notions because in the Godfather's world, there is no greater truth than the truth of the omnipotent power of the Godfather himself - power that has taken decades to achieve. The power that he uses, both to grant the most difficult wishes of his subjects and to take away the ability to wish from his enemies, by granting them Death! His greatest weapon is the respect that he commands and receives. His great power comes from the strength of his mind - from his maturity, experience and self-control. His mere power rewards those who are loyal to him and kills those who betray his trust. .
             The story may seem far-fetched, even unreal.

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