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Scarface Review

             A well known historical, Drama, and action-packed movie is Scarface. Starred by Al Pacino and written by Kashif Ahmed, this movie was put together in 1983 to make a thrilling mobster movie and reworking of the 1932 Howard Hawke's classic. The prominent Universal picture was produced by Martin Bregman and directed by Brian De Palma. The screenplay is by Oliver Stone who went through two months of intensive research in South Florida to make the jargon and horrified movie. .
             Al Pacino before this film had already established himself as a great young actor doing the movies "Dog Day Afternoon", "Serpico" and "Cruising". One of Pacino's greatest hits in my opinion is the "Godfather", which was denied an Oscar performance. Other great actors which star in Scarface is Michelle Pfeiffer "which plays the addicted wife that is out of control", Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Robert Logan and Steven Bauer. Even though this movie was based in downtown Miami, the film was shot in southern California. For example Alejanro Sosa's mansion in Bolivia was actually located at Montecito, CA and the scene where tony visits his mom is in Torrance, CA. If you watch the movie you will realize the refinery behind him appears in "set it off" , "Blow" and " Tequila Sunrise. Not proudly knowing, but if you care the "F" word is used 202 times in Scarface.
             This sensational movie is based on two men Tony Montana and his comrade Manny Rivera, who came over to the U.S. from Cuba on a ship during the time Fidel Castro opened the harbor to let some of his people join their families in the United States. The two were assigned to a refugee camp and agreed while in there to reform a small service for a wealthy Cuban businessman, "the murder of an ex-Castro agent in exchange for their freedom". After Tony and his friend get out of camp they move to Miami's crowded, bustling little Havana. Here, Tony and Manny earn their first and last honest dollars washing dishes at a shabby lunch stand, the El Paraiso.

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