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Scarface Review

            Scarface, an epic and memorable tale of a rags to riches and personal self-destruction like no other stars Al Pacino in debatably his best performance. Set in the sun washed avenues of Miami, Tony Montana (Al Pacino) a refugee from Cuba comes to America with less than nothing and becomes one of the most highly respected and feared drug lords in Miami. In the initial opening scene of the movie, a documentary type function is displayed showing lines of text scrolling down the screen, the content identifying Fidel Castro sending 80,000 refugees to America where 25,000 of them contained criminal records. Automatically we recognize the directors sense of political manipulation in the way he portrays the American Dream, which according to this film is more about greed, lies and corruption rather than hard work. These three elements of greed, lies and corruption are repeatedly put forward to us all through the movie. This method of repetition is presented in scarface in one aspect by a common quote, "the world is yours". This statement is communicated to the viewer consistently in the film, where Montana is portrayed as a peasant washing dishes through to developing his empire, where the words are portrayed on a statue in his villa. .
             Evidently Tony Montana clearly represents the factor of greed in society at the time, he has it all although wants more which ultimately results in his downfall. The systematic progression of the movie which begins with Montana as a dish washer, a small time cocaine dealer to becoming a large player in Americas cocaine industry, allows us to grasp the rapid rise of the character in society and his inevitable demise. During the rise of Montana several characters are introduced, who have contrasting status from when they are first introduced to when Montana reaches his climax. This process allows us to better understand issues being presented in the film such as corruption.

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