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Earning a Career in Forestry

            When choosing a profession, there are several necessary steps to go through before making a final decision. It's important to choose something that will not only be profitable, but also something one can be interested in and enjoy. It is also important to do plenty of research on this career trajectory in order to predetermine if there will be jobs available after schooling. For those who enjoy the outdoors, love conservation, and prefer a low stress work environment, becoming a forestry major is a great option. Foresters (or conservation scientists), typically manage overall land quality of forests, parks, and other natural resources. Most people are under the misconception that foresters work in the woods all day, and sometimes that is the case, but there are all kinds of work environments for someone with a forestry degree. Forestry is a profession that requires a great deal of education and experience, offers many job opportunities and stability, and also suits those living in south Mississippi. .
             A career in forestry generally requires a bachelor's degree in forestry or another related field from an accredited college (Summary). A bachelor's degree in forestry would include classes such as basic sciences, liberal arts, and mathematics, plant identification, and forestry engineering (Occupational). Many forestry programs, such as the one at Mississippi State University, offer cooperative programs. A co-op program in forestry can do many things for a student such as create job experience, better chances for employment, and forge ties with employers in the field of forestry. In order to get a job in forestry, internships and networking are absolutely necessary to be successful (Forestry"). After completing an accredited forestry program most foresters begin employment with the local, state, and federal governments. Entry-level positions offered to those who graduate with a bachelor's degree in forestry tend to be work done out in the field and require physically able bodies.

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