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The Plantation Industry and the Environment

             Our group has agreed that economically viable organizations have the ability to maintain green environmental and enhance community. Elliot and Elliot (2004, p.p 837) stated that 'Governments can encourage companies to develop and submit their corporate environmental reports by setting up award schemes for those companies which have distributed more on environment.' For example, ACCA Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Awards (MaSRA), the Prime Minister's CSR Awards and ACCA Malaysia Environmental and Social Reporting Awards (MESRA). ACCA MESRA is aimed to motivate and reward those companies which have done outstanding works in environment and CSR activities in order to enhance the awareness on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). .
             Corporate Reports on Community.
             Furthermore, companies always record corporate annual reports on community to enable them to develop the welfare of society. Corporate Reports on Community are considered as the judgments to maximize the value of stakeholders and fulfill their needs. For instance, statement of added value, reports of employment and statement of future prospects can be used to build economic relationship between employment and the community as well as provide the further information about the level of capital investment that will influence on employees and the social improvement. .
             'Sustainability of Nurturing'.
             Sustainability can be known as the tools or motivations that maintain the achievement of all organizations in long term. Based on the development of organizations, they have carried out many ways in performing outstanding businesses, creative and active in productivity, contributing to community and showing concern on environmental. .
             Introduction of TSH Resources BERHAD and IJM Plantation BERHAD.
             TSH Resources BERHAD and IJM Plantations BERHAD have stood an ethical model in the dedication of environmental and society throughout the years.

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