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Overviews of Deforestation in Amazon and in Thailand

             The clearing of tropical forests across the Earth has been occurring on a large scale basis for many centuries. This process, known as "deforestation-, involves the cutting down, burning, and damaging of forests. The loss of tropical rain forest is more profound than merely destruction of beautiful areas. If the current rate of deforestation continues, the world's rain forests will vanish within 100 years-causing unknown effects on global climate and eliminating the majority of plant and animal species on the planet.
             Why do we deforest?.
             People deforest because timber and wood is a necessity to humans. We need paper, which comes from trees. We need timber/wood for houses and other buildings, and we need it because of increasing urbanization in some areas. In addition, we need wood for commercial and industrial use as well.
             Environment Clusters.
             Environmental Problems of Deforestation:.
             Deforestation is the major problem at hand but other problems are related as well, including global warming, reduction in bio- diversity and species loss. .
             (a) Global Warming: Deforestation in developing countries accounts for between 7 and 31 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions, which cause climate change. .
             (b) Bio-diversity: Northern Brazil is losing natural forests with the substitution of fast-growing eucalyptus and pine trees, cattle ranching and commercial logging. .
             (c) Species Loss: Much of Brazil's native flora, fauna and animal species are being lost with the harvesting of tropical forests. The ban does not affect the amount of trees being felled because the ban is only for wood in raw form. A study done on the value of the fruits, latex, medicinal herbs, essences and oil discovered that in the long run investment in these products were more profitable than either logging or cattle ranching.
             Comparisons between Deforestation in Brazil and in Thailand:.
             Total Land Area Total Forest Forest % of Forest Change Annual Rate of.

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