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Deforestation Of The Rainforest

            Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest.
             Do you know what deforestation sounds like? Well if you don't it's the sound of chainsaws and the crash of falling trees. This is an everyday happening that is heard through out the Amazon Rainforest. The deforestation of the rainforest is an on going problem that will only get larger with time. Unless there are steps taken to prevent this terrible happening there will be future and lasting effects of deforestation. There are many reasons why this terrible act is played out in the jungles of South America This means an increased in the number of trees that are cut down thus expanding the problem of deforestation. With this investigation we will learn more on why this is done and what are the lasting effects that it will have on the ecosystem of the Amazon Forest. There will also be a look taken at what measure must be taken to assure that the rainforest will remain and it will be there for future generations. To witness the whole of what is taking place there must first be an understanding of what is happening. Tropical rainforest are far more diverse and complex then other types of ecosystems. So this complexity must be taken in to consideration when devising a plan for the protection of this fragile ecosystem. .
             To fully understand what is taking place in the South American rainforest with the problem of deforestation one must know what is taking place. It seems as if the rainforest is disappearing at a very alarming rate. The average rate of deforestation is about 2% annually. If this rate were to continue anything being done it would only be a matter of time and the rainforest would be completely lost. South and Central America contain 42% of all the rainforest that is existent in the entire world. (Leach) These forest environments are vital to the human existence in Central and South America. These forests provide a great deal of prosperity for the peoples of this region.

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