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             Rainforests are known for their distinctive features and natural beauty, and are .
             among the richest inhabitants in the world. They contain several different .
             species of animals and provide an essential home for wildlife. Many different.
             rainforests that are located in Australia are found in the northern region. It.
             is heavily populated between Townsville and Cook Town. These unspoiled .
             creations of Mother Nature have already been completely destroyed, along with.
             Their animal life. In fact very few rainforests are left in Australia and are under .
             great threat. Numerous numbers of Rainforests have been converted into .
             farmland, pasture or simply wasteland. There is little questioning about the .
             survival of rainforests in the future. .
             Why do our forests continue to be destroyed?.
             Rainforests all over Australia has been descending at a rapidly low pace.
             These problems have arisen mainly due to human activity. The influence.
             of humankind has played a major factor in the role of deforestation.
             Modern machinery is another example for which our rainforests are .
             being cut down. Millions of hectares every year of agriculture have .
             previously been demolished, and every half an hour an animal specie becomes.
             extinct. Human activity is not the only problem in regards to the destruction .
             of forests. Most people believe that rainforests stand in the way of progress.
             They are also destroy agriculture so that the ground can be mined for .
             precious minerals. Rainforests are said to be inconvenient obstacles. They"re.
             simply removed from nature mainly due to lack of space for pasture etc. More .
             reasons to why people continue to cut down rainforests, is in addition to timber.
             Timber is means of paper and is valuable resource in most countries. Mahogany.
             and teak has been known to have high priceless values. .
             Over the past years there has been tremendous change in the cutting down of .
             trees. Heavy plant and machinery like bulldozers and cranes can clear large.

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