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             Biologist Thomas Lovejoy once said, "Forests are a living library. All sorts of advances in science get pulled out of esoteric species and their biology in these forests. Four percent of the dry land surface of the planet may have half the species on the planet." For most people they do not realize the causes of deforestation. They only want what the forest can give to them and not to the real species that live and thrive off of it on a daily basis.
             Rainforests can be found throughout six of the seven continents. Depending on the location, soil type, climate, and whether they have remained in their natural state decide the type of forest it will be classified as. Another way that a forest can be defined is by the amount of rainfall in which it receives. With this rain, the forest is able to produce oxygen and nutrients that the species need in order to survive. The fight for survival revolves around a cycle that the species are having difficulty defending due to the continuous depletion. The burning, cutting, and clearing are producing overwhelming amounts of carbon dioxide that is invading the atmosphere. From the build up of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere the Greenhouse Effect is accelerating at a rapid rate each year. This then leads to fertilization of the soil and death of many species. Humans that live in the rainforest are also suffering from the burning and clear cutting of the forest that they have been living in their entire life. .
             Species are becoming extinct along with plants that provide oxygen, necessary for the survival of homosaipens. When the rainforests are burned and clear-cut the medicines that are found inside the forests are cut and burned also. Scientists are flocking to the rainforests to interview the medicine men in tribes of the rainforest and find out what medicines they use to cure different illnesses. Very many of the medicines that are used today come from the rainforest and are synthesized to duplicate that of the original medicine.

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