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The Rainforest

             True to their name, rainforests receive an incredible amount of rain.
             rain falls every year in an average rainforest. Some very wet rain forests can receive up to.
             400 inches of rain. Temperatures in a rainforest range from 70 to 85, but it can get much.
             warmer. The temperature in a rainforest rarely drops below 70 at night. .
             The constant moist and warm conditions in the rainforest allow an astounding variety of.
             plants to thrive. On a single acre of rainforest, you may find about ten times as many tree.
             species as a forest in a temperate region. .
             The rainforest covers less than ten percent of the Earth's land, yet contains more than.
             90 percent of all of it's animal and plant species. Rainforests contain great treasures, such.
             as countless species of plants and animals, oil, rubber, precious metals, and much, much more.
             Many of these resources already benefit the human race, in the form of medicines, food, and.
             industrial products, and many are yet to be discovered. Most rainforests are along the.
             Equator, where the temperatures are the warmest on Earth year round. .
             Most of the plants and animals that live in the rainforest live nowhere else in the world.
             Scientists are not even sure how many plants and animals live in the world's rainforests.
             because not all rainforest areas have been studied. There are probably between five million and.
             30 million rainforest species that we have not yet discovered yet. Most of these species are.
             probably insects and other invertebrates, or animals that have no backbones. .
             Rainforests are some times called green treasure chests because they are so rich with.
             life. People might think that rainforests are very tough and strong because they support so.
             many living creatures. In fact, The opposite is true. The rainforest is a very fragile place.
             Beneath the thick green layer of trees and shrubs, the soil that supports the rainforest is thin.
             ans poor in nutrients. In all forests, water washes away some of the soil every time it rains.

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