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Canadas geography and the effects

            Canada is like a jigsaw puzzle, but a jigsaw puzzle that has taken hours to put together and is now complete. There are many different shapes and colors, but all together fit wonderfully making a beautiful picture. If a person were to jump in his or hers car and drive across their country, in some cases the scenery would be the same. The people might act the same or even have the same characteristics for however long it may take them to make this journey. If a Canadian were to jump into his or hers car and drive across Canada the scenery and the lifestyles of the people they would see would be ever changing from one province to the next. Seeing each piece of the puzzle as they travel further and further across Canada witnessing what beauty geography has given to Canada. Geography has given our nation many things; in what ways has geography affected Canada?.
             Canada, unlike most countries is composed of an enormous and diverse geography, which has a great impact on many factors affecting its people. These factors contribute to help but also to hinder Canada economically, socially, and politically. Canada's geography has caused regions to form throughout the country. Barriers separate each region from one another. For the most part the barriers are physical barriers. Each region has it's own unique features making it differ from all the others. The geography of Canada has also caused people to settle in certain areas of the country. The different climates and natural resources found throughout Canada attract Canadians. This causing population pockets to form, creating social regions where most of the population is found. Regional identities have formed because of the distance between populated areas not allowing Canadians to know one another very well. Stereotypes are then being forced to form because of the unknown knowledge of other Canadians. The beautiful landscape, the abundance and diversity of natural resources has given Canada great wealth.

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