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Regionalism in Canada

            Canada's geography and historical development have played an intricate role in our political system today. As settlers began to migrate to Canada, each brought their unique set of values, whether it be religious, cultural or political. Regional and cultural differences were important and thus colonies wanted to maintain these practices at its highest priority. Moreover, regionalism was a dynamic factor which encouraged institutions with their policy makers and powerful provincial elites (Bickerton & Gagnon 210). This played an important role in the forming of our political structures that represent a multitude of views today. As Richard Simeon and David Elkins concluded, "There are strong differences among those of different language groups in some basic orientations to politics " [Ste]. These views are much the same of the past and are distinguished by territory throughout Canada. We will take a deeper look into Canadian history to show that important historical developments over many years with our current state of geographical locations created the political context we see today.  .
             The current geographical layout and regional diversities of Canada is much the same of the past when Confederation became a part of our history and has remained constant over many years. Regionalism maintains a degree of attachment to a specific area or territory. Regional tensions and cleavages did and continue to develop across different areas of Canada due to the variations in political culture (Archer & Young ix). This has had a significant impact on the role in Canadian politics. It reinforces the importance of regional, cultural and political views which unite the citizens. Unfortunately, this has consequently fueled negative perceptions of the central government and furthermore, that of other regions (Archer et al. 60; Archer & Young ix). .
             These historical and distinct political differences in culture, religion and economic views have created closed "nit " colonies or better known as provinces today.

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