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Maritimes in Canadian Confederation

             The proposal of Canadian Confederation was a major controversy in the Maritimes.
             three provinces were brought into the union kicking and screaming. The Maritimes were.
             criticized for their tardiness. It was said that they were over-conservative and the.
             politicians were thought of as incompetent. They received little sympathy for their.
             Many Maritimers were interested in the idea of Maritime Union. They thought their.
             needs would be more fully fulfilled through the smaller union. It was a common fear.
             that the Canadians would overrule their wishes. The Canadian settlements were much.
             larger and would obviously have more political power than the considerably smaller.
             settlements in the Maritimes. The Maritime Union would be a much more regionally based.
             system where every community would be a larger part of the government.
             Many historians believe that Maritimers were being unreasonable. William Baker states.
             in the article, "You begin by claiming there is a stereotype about the Maritimes and.
             Confederation- that the Maritimes were lethargic, conservative, parochial communities.
             which had to be pummeled into accepting Confederation"(Baker 36). This statement.
             portrays the lack of respect shown to the decisions made by Maritimers. They are.
             bashed time and time again for their reluctance to join.
             Confederation was the first step towards industrialization. Some members of the.
             Maritime population saw this as a threat to their traditional way of life. The main.
             economy of the Maritimes revolved around forestry, farming and fishing. This was all.
             many people knew how to do. They didn't want to stray away from their old ways of.
             life. Therefore, Confederation was a threat to their ability to sustain a comfortable.
             However, the idea that confederation could lead to industrialization was a major.
             selling point for some people. Many people looked forward to the creation of jobs away.

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