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Canadian Confederation

             In all of their approaches to confederation the Maritime States, Canada East, and Canada West all had their own sectional viewpoints issues, and compromises sought in the final plan. .
             Before becoming part of the country of Canada, the Maritime Provinces were politically distinct from Canada East and West. At first the Maritime Provinces were against the idea of Confederation. They believe that what they had going for them was sufficient for their needs. Their economy of fishing was fed by the economy of the United States. This is because the United States had a trade economy which benefited the Maritime Provinces. Eventually the Maritime Provinces began to agree with the ideas of confederation. This was mainly after the Charlottetown Conference held in Prince Edward Island. One thing that helped the transition of anti-confederates to accept the ideas of confederation was a railway called the "Grand Trunk Railway" which connected Quebec, Ontario, U.S., and the Maritime Provinces. The maritime provinces were also given the gift of the Inner Colonial Railroad. This helped the Maritime Provinces to become more prosperous since they already had lots of trade. Now they could trade farther than before. The Maritime Provinces were the only part of Canada that really were able to prosper with self government since that didn't work out in Upper and lower Canada.
             Canada East was one part of the mainland portion of Canada. Here is where mostly the French resided. This is known as modern day Quebec. Lower Canada was fearful of Confederation for a few reasons. One main one was that they were worried about being out numbered by the English and having their culture in Canada go out of existence. A common idea was that the French Separatist movement should be extinguished. This is seen in Lord Durham's Report and through George Brown. The loyalists wanted to crush the French culture in Canada and sugar coat it by bringing in a Representation by population or "Rep by Pop.

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