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Summary/explanation of constitutional act of 1867

            Canada set forth a request to the United Kingdom, searching to make Canada an independent and sovereign nation with its own unique image. The goal of the Canadian Dominion was to gain power of law, and the ability to enforce those laws that apply to all of Canada. On March 29th/ 1982 Canada enacted the Constitution Act, gaining political independence. The Constitution Act has three main parts. One part is the Charter of rights and Freedoms, entrenched in this charter, citizens are given basic human rights, Legal rights, mobility rights, democratic rights and equality rights that guarantee color, creed, religion or ethnicity has no bearing on all charters set forth to the people. Secondly the Amending Formula, This is another essential part of the Canadian Constitution; this charter gives Canada piece of mind, and the ability to change its constitution without the approval of England. Thirdly the British North America Act of 1867 (B.N.A) set legal ground rules for Canada. Sections 91 and 92 of the B.N.A divide the powers between the Provincial and Federal Government. Section 91 deals with Federal powers such as Criminal Law, where as section 92 deals with Provincial powers such as matters of a merely local or private nature in the province. Branching from these parts of the constitution is common law, and customs and convections.
             Since the Magna Carta in 1215, England has been developing three main customs and convections. Canada was to have a constitution similar in principles to the United Kingdom; Canada put into practice these three main convections: Responsible Government to illustrate the theory of democracy, a government which was responsible to the people. The second main convection is Parliamentary Supremacy. This essentially reinforces that elected parliament is the only form of government in Canada with the powers to create laws, the created laws are then enforced by either Provincial or Federal governments (sections 91 and 92 of the B.

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