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New Brunswick

            The only thing more interesting than New Brunswick's many tourist attractions is its rich heritage. The British Government as a haven created New Brunswick in 1784( N.B. Birth) for the Loyalists fleeing from the United States during the American Revolution. New Brunswick was originally part of Nova Scotia but because of the aforementioned sequence of events it was sectioned off and called New Brunswick by the British. In the months to follow New Brunswick was appointed a governor, and representatives by King George III. There was no "New Brunswick Act-( N.B. Birth) like there were for many of the other areas in Canada it was created as an executive decision by the king and the Privy Council.
             When Canada was being formed New Brunswick was one of the four original provinces to join confederation. The Premier of New Brunswick at the time Samuel Leonard Tilley lead Canada to join the confederation of Canada on July first 1867( N.B. Birth). The years to follow would bring the completion of the railway ties between Saint John, and Montreal was completed by 1876( MS Encarta). The establishment of the railway opened New Brunswick for business with the rest of Canada enabling them to ship goods to areas of Canada such as Quebec and receive goods as well. In New Brunswick many people lived off of the abundance of timber by using it for trade and for housing ( MS Encarta). The timber and fishing industry were New Brunswick's strongest assets; these assets are what many of the people used to live on making it the provinces prime source of income.
             Geographically New Brunswick is the largest of the three Maritime Provinces measuring 72,908 sq km ( MS Encarta). This measurement includes New Brunswick's 1,458 sq km of inland waters, including rivers and lakes ( MS Encarta). In Canada for size New Brunswick is rated eighth out of the rest of the provinces. New Brunswick has an abundance of woodlands taking up a large percentage of New Brunswick's land ( N.

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