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Pipelines in an Oil-Driven Economy

             Political and moral alliances are tested with the decision to construct an extension on to already existing pipeline's from Canada. The Keystone XL Pipeline could potentially transport thousands of barrels of oil per day from its source in Alberta, Canada, to refineries through out the coastal region of the United States. The reason for the heated debate over construction of the pipeline is because of the strong opposition from both sides. "We must continue to grow the domestic energy supply to fuel the economy." U.S. Senator Casey's Office. Republicans believe the pipeline may create new jobs and help stimulate the economy, while environmentalist's believe that the massive pipeline may cause harmful effects on the environment.
             Building the Keystone XL Pipeline will allow up to 830,000 barrels of Canadian crude oil to be brought down to the United States gulf coast per day. The crude oil that the pipeline may transport will be harvested from tar sands so the petroleum will compose of clay, sand, water, and bitumen. (Tollefson 2013, p.163) The crude oil will then be able to be made into diesel, gasoline, or even aviation fuel at refineries. TransCanada, a company with more than 50 years' experience, will be in control of the keystone project. The project proposes a 1,179 mile, 36 inch diameter crude oil pipeline.
             If the proposed Keystone XL pipeline is constructed, Americans may look forward to less dependencies on foreign imports of oil, along with the potential for many jobs to be created. Currently the United States consumes millions of barrels of oil per day, much of which is imported from Venezuela, the Middle East, and many other unstable countries. The Keystone pipeline may displace much higher priced oil currently imported from over seas. Building the Keystone XL can be accomplished without spending tax payers money, but may result in billions of dollars in tax revenue for the states that the pipeline will run through.

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