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Energy East Pipeline - Pros and Cons

            This paper will examine the construction of the Energy East Pipeline showing its benefits and potential risks. The focus will be on the social, economic, environmental and public security impacts that can have a tremendous effect on climate change. .
             In this content (TransCanada, Energy East Pipeline) has described what is the Energy East pipeline. The Energy East pipeline is a 4,600 km pipeline that will transport, safely about 1.1 million barrels of oil per day from Alberta and Saskatchewan to the refineries of Eastern Canada and a marine terminal in New Brunswick. If built, it would be the largest oil pipeline in North America and would make a 40 percent expansion of the oil sands in Western Canada. The company estimates the cost of the pipeline will cost 15.7 billion dollars. .
             In this content (McMillan 2016) explains these are some facts about how Canada collectively can move towards building the pipeline infrastructure that will make each province and the country stronger. Canada's collective economic strength is the transportation of the infrastructure. In this content Building the Energy East pipeline is an important piece; it would allow Quebec refineries to use Canadian crude oil instead of imports. Expanding the pipeline will allow Canada to keep the money spent on imports where it can help to create jobs and grow the economy. All Canadians, including the province of Quebec would benefit from this. .
             The Energy East pipeline is very good for the economy. It will create approximately 14,000 full-time jobs across the country. In this content (TransCanada, Energy East pipeline) the development project is expected to generate about 6.7 billion dollars in the construction and operations phases in government tax revenues. With the boost of tax revenues it will help provinces finance important public infrastructures such as schools, hospitals and highways. Energy East will also add up Canada's Real Gross Domestic Product by 24.

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