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Aggie vs. Texan

             Throughout my four years as a high school student, all I have heard from my school counselor is college this and college that. I suppose about half way through my junior year, all of my counselor's advice really sank into my mind. I realized that if I was to go anywhere, I better begin planning. My first and most important decision to make was to eliminate the colleges that I could not afford, such as Southern Methodist, Baylor, and Harvard University. Then I had to eliminate colleges that I would not offer the agricultural degree that I was pursuing such as University of North Texas, University of Texas, and Austin College. This along with my personal preferences narrowed my options down to Texas A&M University and Tarleton State University. Although Texas A&M University was my first choice, I needed a good plan on which to fall back on. After researching information from both of the colleges, I found that the size of the colleges and the cost of the colleges had the !.
             greatest differences.
             Although the size of a college is not that important, it made an impact on my decision. If it were not for the tremendous number of students at Texas A&M University, student life would not be know for what it is today. A student could be interested in just about any topic, idea, or field of study, and he or she would fit into college life. The size of the campus encourages these groups. Greek societies, study groups, department fields, and student organizations all allow for meshing of the tremendously diverse student body. On the other hand, Tarleton State University is not as large as Texas A&M University; therefore, there are not as many of these students for people to be involved in at school. Since, at Tarleton State University, there would not be as many people interested in the same subject, numerous organizations would never have a chance to get started. However, the smallness of Tarleton State University can also be a great advantage.

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