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Texas A & M

             I crawl out of bed, the night before I was up late on TAMU.com memorizing the yells and the yell signals. Get dressed in solid maroon. My grandfather (Bill Edge c/o "60) and I leave for College Station. With Texas A & M flags hanging out of both windows we arrive. People are already going into Kyle Field my grandfather and I park and rush into the stadium to try and get on ESPN's college game day, in the background. The fans have already filled the bleachers behind and to the side of the broadcast. However, we managed to get a spot were we could see it all. Towards the end of the show when Lee Corso picked A & M to win the game it was amazing how loud it was. I don't think it got that loud during parts of the game. It's forty degrees outside but it feels like eighty. I"m so excited my Texas A & M Aggies are taking on #1 OU. My grandfather and I go say hi to my great uncle, Harold Edge c/o "55 and then make our way to our seats. My grandfather has had these season tickets since 1974. Third Deck 2nd row seats 1 and 2 thirty-yard line, they are almost perfect. The stands are almost full now, about thirty minutes from kick-off. I"m just looking out at this sea of maroon. The game starts with GGGGGGG Gig"em aggies. The whole game I couldn't hear myself think, it was so exciting. In the end my aggies lost. I was not happy for weeks. Being from Oklahoma I caught a lot of crap about the loss. However, two years later it was my turn. I went down to the OU vs. A & M game, in College Station. Everyone the exact same, with the exception College Game Day was not there. A & M, the underdog, beat OU due to the great performance from freshmen quarterback, Reggie McNeal. This time it was my turn to gloat. The aggies hadn't had that great of a season finishing up at six and six, but thwarting national championship hopes of OU made the season seem not all that bad. The 12th man and the spirit of Aggie Land really came through on that day breaking a record for decibels in the state of Texas.

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