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High School vs College

             Many high school graduates fail to realize that high school is different from college. There are many ways that the two can be distinguished. In high school, students have personal relations with their teachers and teachers are more accessible. The workload in high school also differs from that of college. Finally, high school students have less freedom.
             In high school, students are very close to their teachers. High school teachers are more likely to participate in extracurricular activities. They interact with the students in activities such as sports and various clubs. College students, relationships with professors are more impersonal. Other than lecturing and academic help, professors are less likely to communicate with students on a personal level.
             High school teachers are more accessible to their students. Teachers are usually assigned to one classroom. Therefore, teachers can be found before, between, and after classes. College professors, however, are only available to students during scheduled class time and office hours, which they do not always keep.
             In high school, much of the work assigned can be completed in class. Many students have homework only two or three nights per week. In college, the workload is much greater. To keep up with the class, students must read the text during the time he/she is not in class. Depending on the amount of hours the student takes, this could result in spending a large amount of his/her spare time doing independent work.
             High school students have little freedom. With few exceptions, students must remain on campus during school hours. They must have permission to leave class for any reason. On the other hand, college students have more control over their actions. Whether they have a class to attend or not, it is up to them to do be accountable for their whereabouts.
             High school, in many ways, is incomparable with college. The ways in which they differ are likely to got unrecognized by the student until he/she graduates.

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