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             School plays an important role in our life. Many people spend on average of sixteen years or more at school in order to get the qualifications that are need to work in their field of interest. Those years are broken down into several levels, some of them more difficult than others. A major crossing point is between high school and college. Although they seem very similar, there are significant differences between them. The cost of a high school education is very different compared to the cost of a college education. There are also some differences in academics and class schedules. Typically, the social environment and responsibilities change from high school to college as well.
             It is a fact that college is more expensive than high school. College provides a higher level of education therefore costing more, but by charging so much it does not allow low-income families the chance to have a higher education. In high school the students are able to borrow their books for their classes from the school, where as in college the students must purchase their own books. The cost of college classes in general is more costly than in high school, but some people have to pay even more. Many cities do not have colleges, so students who want to go on to a higher education level are forced to move away to another city where they will be required to pay for housing as well. This move often involves paying for an apartment or dorm, food, and transportation, while in high school all of that is free.
             As college provides a higher level of education, the amount of work the student must do is a lot more than expected in high school. In high school, where the education is more general the amount of homework is far less than that assigned in college. Furthermore, a big advantage to attending college, from an academic perspective, is that the students have more choices as to which classes they want to take. Students can choose from wide variety of subjects related or not to their field of study, unlike high school where students are given their schedule of set class that they are required to take.

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