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             There have been many great players in the NBA, in particularly, great guards. One of the best guards in the game is Kobe Bryant; one of the comparisons that is often brought up is the similarities between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. As young players, both Bryant and Jordan shared explosive dunks, drive and determination to win, and the ability to make other players around him a lot better.
             Kobe Bryant entered the league at the age of eighteen with the potential to be a superstar for whatever team he played for. In his early seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, Bryant dazzled spectators with gravity defining moves and dunks. As Bryant began to gain experience he developed an unequivocal drive to win. This unmatched desire to win drove him to three consecutive NBA championships. In his quest to make his team the best, Bryant knew that his play would draw more attention to him and he began to distribute the basketball to his teammates more.
             In comparison, Michael Jordan had an unmatched will to be the best of all-time. Coming out of college Jordan was known primarily for high rising and spectacular dunks. Realizing that his game would have to elevate, Jordan began to push himself as well as his team to three consecutive NBA championships twice. In those six championship wins Jordan realized that a great supporting cast helps a superstar win games and eventually championships.
             Many people argue whether Bryant is as good as Jordan but in actually they have both done great things for their respective franchises. These two great players are now and maybe forever are compared to each other. .

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