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Comparison Matrix: Doctoral Identity

             The purpose of this essay is to compare three empirical articles used in our comparison matrix to show the correlation between socialization and self- identity. For this paper, we will explore the research question, literature reviews, sample populations, limitations, and results of each article used in the comparison matrix. By looking at each aforementioned topic we will be able to compare the quality or lack thereof these empirical studies. The studies aim to look at the overall development of students and the role in which socialization plays in that development.
             Weidman and Stein wrote the first study in 2003. The study titled, Socialization of "Doctoral Student to Academic Norms" focuses on the importance of student interactions amongst academic support and its correlation to academic success. Baker and Lattuca in 2010 titled study "Developmental networks and learning: toward an interdisciplinary perspective on identity development during doctoral study" asserts that sociocultural networks help develop academic success amongst doctoral learners. The third article entitled "Critical thinking in Distance Education and Traditional Education" written by Visser et al looks at the development of critical thinking amongst traditional and distance education students. The three empirical articles utilized as it relates to our doctoral identity were designed to show the importance of both external factors in particular academic support in the development of doctoral learner's knowledge and self-identity. .
             Comparison of Research Questions.
             Article 1 authors poses the question are students prepared for the scholarly role through the help of socialization. Article 2 authors stresses how developmental network and sociocultural learning interplay in developing academic self-identity and success. Article 3 authors inquiry whether education in particular higher education institutions develop critical thinking skills.

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