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Irony of The Matrix

             Within the action context of The Matrix (Larry Wachowski and Andy Wachowski, 1999) lies a strong philosophical background. Yet this philosophical theme contradicts the goals and morals of the characters within. The goal of the characters is to free people from the evils of the Matrix. Yet, the emptiness of the real world cannot be compared to the beauty of the program world. The movie implies the idea that ignorance is bliss. There is no point in rescuing humanity when their dreams are better than their actual lives. .
             When Neo first enters Zion, he realizes his appearance has completely changed. His muscles are small and weak and he needs time to build up his strength. His eyes are sensitive, his hair is thin, and his clothing is no better than rags. The food he has to consume is usually unappetizing. His shelter is small, dirty, and uncomfortable. The Matrix, however, has sunlight, people, automobiles, entertainment, and other various things that Zion lacks. In the Matrix people suffer from responsibility such as paying taxes, taking their children to school, etc. Zion gives its resident the burden of freeing others from the Matrix. Compared to the goals of the people living in Zion, the responsibilities in the Matrix are much simpler. In the Matrix people have many things to consider about life; however, the freed people worry only about destruction and violence. .
             One of the ironies in The Matrix is the consequences of the team's actions in the movie. The team's goal is to protect humanity and release them from the grasp of the Matrix. Morpheus tells Neo that the Matrix is using human beings as batteries and taking away their freedom. However, when the team goes into the Matrix to capture the agents, many lives are killed. The team fights the innocent people who are oblivious to the control of the matrix. They want to give freedom to the innocent, yet at the same time they are taking away lives at the same time.

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