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The Matrix

            The film The Matrix examines the values of the contemporary Western world to a great extent. It examines these values by the themes and motifs brought out in the film by the use of various film techniques. Some of the themes and motifs that examine the values of the Western world are technology, illusion versus reality, choices, natural versus artificial and religion as the motif that runs through the film.
             The first theme that examines the values of the Western world to be discussed is that of technology. Camera angles, computer generated graphics, music and sound effects are used to bring out this theme. .
             In the second scene, when the audience is first introduced to Neo, there is a rotating overshot of Neo sleeping in the middle of his room with all his computers and other "gadgets" surrounding him. This rotation and overshot of Neo surrounded by computers shows that his life revolves around technology. His life and what he does for a living depends on technology.
             Also, in the final scene, when Neo then realises that he is "The One," the audience sees a shot of what he can see in the Matrix. The audience sees a lot of green numbers taking the shape of what looked "real." This shot shows how technology plays a big part in the Matrix, and that it is actually a computer programme. So the audience sees that technology is all around in the Matrix. The Matrix relies on technology, or computers, to continue functioning.
             Computer generated graphics lets the audience see in full detail what the machines that have taken over the world look like. It is because of the advancements in technology that humans are in this situation in the film. It is because of the invention of AI, artificial intelligence, that humans in the film are slaves to the Matrix. So the computer generated graphics helps the audience to see what has happened to mankind and what they have created as a result of the advancements in technology.

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