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The Matrix

             "Why people go to the movies?" Going to the movies can be very entertaining, especially if your favorite movie is playing at the Chinese Mann Theater in Hollywood; sometimes you might see a movie star there. People love to go to the movies to get out of the house or a night out on the town with your friends. Often people see a preview of a movie that intrigues them in going to the show to see the entire movie. You also have individuals that stand outside of stores giving away free movie tickets to go see a movie for the first time before it comes out in the theaters. Universal Studios has a lot of movies to see and there is also the city walk that you can visit before or after your movie.
             Here is a movie that came out in 1999 with little fan fair, but turned out to be one of the most fast paced, stylish and downright action packed movies around. I think, "The Matrix" is by far one of the best action packed sci-fi special effects with "bullet time" photography movie wrapped up in on of 1999's most cinematic achievements. The special effects of the movie fit the characters to a tee. The techno-slamming visuals were excellent and the movie had mega-kick action. .
             Imagine you are a computer hacker named Neo who has lived a relatively calm life in the year 1999. When suddenly you realize that the world around you is a computer simulation called the Matrix. Not knowing what is to come next, you get approached by one of the rebels named Trinity who leads you to Morpheus. Morpheus explains to you that the Matrix uses humans as fuel for their quest of total domination. Neo begins to believe he is "The Chosen One" who through all of his adventures with the rebels, starts to believe and is ready to destroy the Matrix.
             Neo played by (Keanu Reeves) is one of the most inscrutable actors ever to hit it big. He has stared in movies like, Youngblood a hockey flick, he played the lead role in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and a lot of others.

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