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             The Matrix is a Perfect Movie for the 21st Century The Matrix has found many fans since the release of the movie on March 31, 1999. The Matrix is based on a scientific theory that we are being run by computer programs. The computer program allows people inside the matrix to do anything they would like to do. In the opening sequence of the movie, it shows Trinity jumping across buildings that are separated by large streets in a highly populated town. Trinity is being chased by undercover officers that are out to get her and the matrix. The Matrix really starts to get exciting when Neo takes the red pill that will help him get into the matrix. Neo has to go through several tests on his brain to find out how he will react to the matrix. Once Neo takes the pill, the action begins. He then gets trained by Morpheus and then goes into the matrix. The matrix has many different meanings. The matrix is like a dream state. A person is not in the real world, yet is inside a computer program. A lot of people have different opinions on exactly what the matrix is after viewing the movie. Bret Polish stated in a movie review that the movie was how our "reality" is a mere virtual reality used to cover up a future controlled by machines (1). Another movie reviewer for Entertainment.com stated that it would be better to watch the movie than read a review that tells some of the storyline. The movie shows many views on how technology is increasing for the 21st century. The whole movie is based around one computer program, which is called the matrix. Computers are becoming popular in the new century. Almost everywhere in the world, a computer is somewhere around. Many new films are becoming more popular by using new computer technology while filming. If anyone asked actors twenty years ago if they thought that some of the visual stunts that are done today were possible, the majority would probably have said no.

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