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Do we live in matrix

            The Matrix is a film that astounds not only with action and special effects but also with ideas. But what is the mysterious about ' The Matrix'? From my point of view, it is a device whereby the world you think of as 'real' is actually being fed into your brain by a master computer. The idea that human beings can be used as batteries for a world that's dominated by computers, and the idea they can give us a false sense of reality - I think that is trully very exciting.
             The other story of the Matrix is the choice, the choice between the matrix and the Wonderland. And it is really hard. As Morpheus said, "matrix is a prison for your mind-. The idea of "real world- is that by entering into it offers not a denial of what we most value but instead a chance to better realize those values.
             The Matrix offers a similarly illusory world free of actual unpleasant effects on others and the world of the Matrix, like our world, has its own moral norms " its own ethics " that ought to be both acknowledged and respected.
             But the weak point of living in Matrix is that there can't be facts which are impossible for us to know about. That power sounds frightening to me, and maybe to lots of other people. .
             The betrayal of Apok I consider has reasons but it is not understandable. It's easier to live in matrix in ignorance than go and fight for freedom.
             And as for me, I'm not sure that I'd take the red pill instead of blue one .

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