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             The main message of the film, The Matrix, is that Artificial Intelligence has taken over the entire human life and without Artificial Intelligence , humans will not be able to survive. This is because people today are very dependant on technology.
             They basically are trying to say that in today's world if you look at it there is not a .
             single day that goes by without using some sort of technology like for .
             example Computer or even a Calculator. The questions is: would we be able to live without these technology. The answer is No! This is basically the main message of the Film. One of the three Archetypes, that I feel communicate the message of the Film are The Quest/Hero/Heroine Archetype which was a very important Archetype in the film because Neo is the hero and he realized his Quest when he understands that Matrix is a computer generated dream world . The second important Archetype is The Flood Archetype because in the film the real world is big wasteland , where there is no human life the whole place is deserted . There is no water , no sunlight basically everything is dead . The last Archetype I think is very important is God/Goddess/Teacher Archetype because if you look at it without Morpheus , Neo would never realize that he was the one and he would still be living two lives , Mr. Anderson as well as Neo . .
             The Quest Hero Archetype communicates the message the film because when Neo is going through the training , Tank trains him with the help of technology , this shows that they are very dependent on technology . The purpose of Neo's quest is to fight and defeat the Matrix . After training with programs such as Kung Fu , Neo becomes ready to fight the lady in red etc , Morpheus taught Neo how to fight and trained him with the help of computer programs instead of teaching him how to fight etc , physically this also shows how dependent they are on technology and how essential technology is to them in their daily lives and this also shows how great an importance it is to them .

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