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The Matrix

            What is the matrix? As stated by Morpheus in the early parts of this movie, "The matrix is a computer animated dream world pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth." Throughout this essay I will aim to decipher some of the philosophical aspects as well as pointing out some of the biblical symbolism used throughout the movie. I will also aim to give some insight on the symbolism for the various colours that the audience is exposed to through out the film.
             You may still be saying "well, what is the matrix?" The matrix is a computer program designed by the machines (A.I.) to keep the human race under control. It tricks the mind into believing us that we have a CHOICE, that we can choose our own destiny, when in reality the world's population has been sentenced to serve out eternity as a Duracell battery for the machines.
             While to the majority of audiences that are oblivious to the underlying symbolism throughout the movie, they just see it as just another mind blowing action packed film. However to that minority who are able to see past the blown up Hollywood hype can really relate to the true meaning of this movie. The two biggest questions it asks the audience in my opinion are that of reality and existence. When in the loading program Neo states "This is real", he is quickly replied to by Morpheus who quotes "what is real? What defines real? If real is something that you can see, hear, smell or taste then real is simply just electrical impulses interpreted by your brain." At the present point in time this statement seems a little far fetched, however if we continue to seek new virtual reality technology at the rate that we are, then I believe in a few decades time this statement will become widely accepted throughout scientific communities. .
             Existence is the other philosophical aspect that this movie questions in quite detail. If we lived inside the matrix we would infact be living a lie.

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