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Matrix, Man, and Reality

            The Matrix of Man, Technology, and Reality.
             Was written hundreds of years ago .
             Which pill will you take; will it be the red one or the blue? Will you choose the blissfulness of ignorance, or will you see how far down the rabbit hole goes? This is a question you need to answer, when you decide to dive into the philosophy of the Matrix, one of the biggest blockbuster film trilogies, joining notable other such film trilogies as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Terminator, and Star Trek. The Matrix although it has the ability to make lots of money on ticket sales and merchandise, it also has the ability to make you think about the world around you in ways that you had never thought to, and to question what you know and don't know.
             So you have chosen the red pill! Well let's take a leap down the rabbit hole. To help me in this journey, I will be relying on a few sources, first being- The Matrix and Philosophy: Welcome to the desert of the Real edited by William Irwin, Philosophy of Technology edited by Robert C. Scharff and Val Dusek, and last source I will be citing are my own ideas that have been created in me through viewing the films, reading books on this subject, having discussions concerning the philosophy of the Matrix and similar topics. I will be covering many aspects of the Matrix in how it deals with wide array of elements of philosophy that range from metaphysics to ethics, philosophy of the mind, and more, so I hope you enjoy your journey down the hole.
             How do you know what reality is?.
             "What is reality?- " How do you know what you know is in fact truth?- This is what is asked of you by the movie, but is also asked by Renz Descartes to mankind in his writings. Descartes is the world's first skeptic in regards to the world around him; he suspends all beliefs. He opens his famous Meditations on First Philosophy by declaring his intention to suspend every one of his beliefs that he can find the slightest reason to doubt.

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