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Mandatory College Attendance

             Like many other students, you procrastinated on writing a research paper. You stayed up all night writing on it, but you were not able to finish it. The paper is already written, it just has to be typed up for class in one hour. You could skip the class before it but you have already missed that class twice, failing to attend another session would result in you flunking it. What are you to do? This is one of the many reasons why college students should not have attendance policies forced upon them. College students are old enough to decide when to go to class; they do not need to attend every class and moreover they could have something more important to do.
             Students who have made it to the college level are mature enough to make the decision on when to attend class. The majority of students in college are above the age of eighteen. By this age you are considered an adult almost anywhere you go, excluding casinos and bars. As a result, society bestows upon you more responsibility for your actions. The consequences for these actions are harsher than they were before. As an illustration, if you commit a crime it is assumed you knew what you were doing and you receive the adult sentence. Another reason would be if the student flunks the class. It is their fault and most students accept this. They know what has to be done to pass a class and also what went wrong when they flunk. Finally, students should be able to decide when to attend because they pay for the classes. Many students work part-time jobs, some even work full-time to afford the cost of college. Students working thirty plus hours a week, possibly for a manager younger than they are, have enough to deal with. While at work, students have to take orders from their bosses because the bosses pay them. But, at school, you are the one paying. For that reason, students should be given more slack with their attendance.

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