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High SchoolVsCollege

             High school and College are two institutions of education. The ways in which both places acquire this process are totally different. College is more academically challenge than high school. College students are more responsible for any actions that take place in their life, than high school students are.
             In high school, you are usually told what your responsibilities are and you are corrected if your behavior is inappropriate. High school is mandatory and usually free in the public education system. Parents and teachers structure your time. Teachers approach you if they believe your need help or tutoring. They are available for you to come to them for conversation during or after class. You need permission from your parents to participate in extra-curricular activities. High students depend on their parents to help them set priorities and to remind about responsibilities. Mailed goods are addressed to the parents instead of the students. Students are constantly reminded about graduation requirements.
             College students must be prepared to take responsibilities for their actions and the consequences of those decisions. In college students manage their own time, they make their own schedule with consultation from an academic advisor. College students must balance their responsibilities and set priorities. They must learn to decide on the important aspects of their lives and work hard to achieve them. All correspondence are addressed to the student, he/she must read the mail, hence he/she will be responsible its content. Some college professors may not formally take attendance (most will), but they are likely to know if you are there. College students must also be prepared for the differences between the structures of classes.
             In high school everyday you proceed from class directly to another without breaks except for lunch. You usually spend 6 hours a day and thirty hours per week in class. The school year is 26 weeks long; some classes extend over both semesters some do not.

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