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High Speed Chases

             High speed chases often times cause accidents that lead to serious injury or death. They should be stopped when they start to pose a threat on people's lives. High-speed chases are on television all the time and they usually all have the same result: the person fleeing has a terrible accident. Why continue pursuing when you know what is going to happen next? I think cops get an attitude where they think that they have to catch them no matter what, and will do almost anything to make that arrest. I can see why they would want to catch a murderer or a serial rapist, but relentlessly pursuing a traffic violator or someone coming from a drug house just doesn't make sense.
             Don't you think that it is silly for a cop to risk his/her own life, along with the life of the suspect and lives of the innocent bystanders just so that "justice can be served"; when all cops have to do is get their tag number and description of the vehicle and catch them later? "But what if they use false plates?" The chances are that when the suspect left the house he/she was not planning on getting in a high-speed police chase and will not have time to pull over and change the plates before the police get the number. What if a person was running from the police simply to get an adrenaline rush and had an accident killing a family of four? If the cops would not have pursued him the suspect would not have succeeded in getting that rush and four people live to see another day. It could have been prevented if the police weren't trying to pull off some movie type stunts in order to apprehend the suspect. Sure, the suspect fleeing could do more harm to the public than the chase would have if they are not caught, but most of the time the suspects fleeing are doing so simply because they have drugs on them and do not want to spend the night in jail. Why risk so many lives just to get a very small portion of drugs off the street? It is true that people would start thinking, "All I have to do is run" and get away, but there are ways to catch them other that pursuing them at high speeds.

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