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The Driver

            In the movie The Driver, there is a heavy focus is on two of the main characters, the driver and the detective. The driver is without a doubt the bad guy and the detective is the cop trying to make the "big bust". The differences are unmistakably there, but the similarities between them are also quite evident. .
             Although the driver has a very dangerous profession, he never loses his composure or confidence in himself. The first scene depicts him as the driver of the getaway car after a casino heist. There are several cops chasing him through many streets, warehouses and parking garages. Both police cars and innocent bystanders cars are wrecked all over the city as a result of this chase, but the driver seems to be on auto pilot. He gets away from all of these police without showing any emotion, and manages to keep the car he is driving, and himself in one piece. He makes it look easy. After all, he is a professional and he doesn't give up until he beats the cops at this game. He always wins. When approached by a new group of thugs to rob a bank, he speeds recklessly through an empty parking garage demonstrating his suave skills of outrunning the law. The driver ends up totaling their Mercedes Benz, (again showing no emotion) and proceeds to get out of the car. He calmly tells them, "I don't work for people like you". He is above this group of crooks. Shortly thereafter, there is a scene where one of the potential bank robbers and the driver run into each other. This man points a gun to the driver's head demanding he work this bank holdup and the driver (who, we are led to believe doesn't have a gun) punches him and calmly says, " go home". Once again, fearlessly and confidently refusing to work with these people who are beneath him. In the last scene of the movie, the driver goes to the train station to retrieve the stolen money out of the locker. There are a large number of police waiting for him.

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