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My Favorite Sport, Track

             One sport you may not have considered for your High School activities is track. Track is a sport with an array of benefits for your body. People from all over the world participate in many running events including sprinting, middle distances, long distances, relay races, hurdles, steeple chasing, and race walking. I will go into more detail under the subject of sprinting a bit later. First, I will speak to you about the preparation it takes in order to get into track sprinting shape. .
             Its not quite easy to be a successful track runner. You have to be devoted enough to observe your eating habits, be able to weightlift, and constantly practice plyometric drills. Plyometrics are exercises used to strengthen leg muscles; which can include regular jumping, skipping, hopping, and leaping. Sprinters can practice aerobics by running 3-4 miles a day. As time passes by while doing these drills, your body becomes used to the work and becomes stronger. These changes can lead to better concentration, logic, speed, and strength. Now I will discuss sprinting records and events. .
             Outdoor sprinting events may include the 100-meter, 200-meter, and 400-meter races. In high school, sprint races are usually run by six people. Some good times for a highschooler to run are (time: 51.8 400m),(time: 23.0 200m), and (time: 11.0 100m) from Don Bosco High School. The toughest event to run is probably the 400m relay, because you have to maintain your sprinting stance for a long period of time. The 100m is the shortest outdoor race of all. The world record for this event was set by Maurice Green, a time of 9.79 seconds. .
             So, as you can see, track is an interesting sport that can make you physically fit, and can give you recognition around the world. One of the largest track events are the Penn Relays, held each year in the state of Pennsylvania. Runners from all over the world compete in events, and many famous people such as Bill Cosby are present annually.

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