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             Have you ever joined a sport thinking that it was a team sport and found otherwise? At the beginning of my freshman year I couldn't wait to play football, but my real love was track and field. I expected for everyone to be excited when the track season started. They were, but for a different reason, it was rest time for them. No one in my high school took track seriously my senior year and I took it for granted. Then college came. Yes I played football as well I am competing in track, but the atmosphere is completely different. The track team is about the TEAM, not individuals, and everyone on the team cares about the team. I was expecting no one to really care about track and field because from what I heard this college was a football school. And I just figured that since this school was so small it would not care about track but I think I have seen more people at track meets than at football games. But that was not the case.
             My first year in high school track was an exciting year, in the beginning. I remember talking to other teammates and they seemed excited. That made me even more excited because I did really well in Junior High. I was told that track at my school was just as big as football and I loved football. But like I said earlier track and field is my favorite. I love a sport where you have a team but you work as individuals to score points for the team. I think it lets you prove something and you get to make new friends and meet all sorts of people.
             My first day of practice came and I was really excited. Everyone met in our hot gym because it was raining and had been raining all day. The practice started like a normal practice our coach took attendance then we stretched as a team. Then we warmed up as a team, I was feeling really good about the team. That whole practice we practiced as a team as one unit. The next day we went outside and the whole thing changed. We stretched like we did before and coach gave everyone their workouts and people started doing them.

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