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Tracking Terrorist

             Where Are the Terrorists? Who Knows!.
             It's February 26, 1993 at 12:15 pm and you"re in your cubicle in a non-descript office in the World Trade Center tower number one. You"re just finishing up some mundane task that you've been assigned to do. You've been thinking about that lunch date that you have with the new executive in accounting. All of a sudden, "BOOM!", papers fly, the ceiling comes crashing down, and you hear screams. What's happened? Oh, my god, "we've been bombed"! The moment rings over and over in our heads. Now we are faced with dealing with 9/11. It's ironic, 911 is the number we dial when help is needed and it was not available to us at that time. Who screamed, "we've been bombed?" There never was a chance. There was no bomb or fragments to be found. This act was not one that originated from the ground. It was an act from the sky. This is why I believe we should have a viable tracking system to monitor who comes into the U.S. from countries that support terrorism.
             We recently had acts of terrorism performed against the U.S. by individuals who were citizens born and raised in this country. When the threat is internal, it's hard to track, so we deal with it as it arises. External threats are a totally different story. For the most part, terrorist acts are performed by individuals who are not from the U.S (Although, it"s often been suspected that there may be American citizens serving as consultants to al-Qaeda)(Sperry). We try to keep an eye on all those individuals but it's almost impossible. We need a method of tracking possible threats to the U.S.'s interests both here and abroad. The number of visas given to individuals who may pose a threat number in the thousands annually, with no viable method of tracking (Chaddock). According to the Homeland Security Presidential Directive, the Atty. General was to have created the Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force (Bush).

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