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             Terrorism is one of the most important and Controversial issues in the world and yet it is one of the issues the world doesn't know that much about. When we hear about Terrorism in the news almost every day, we usually hear about issues related to Australia and its alliys but we rarely hear about other places such as colombia which had a terrorist attack on it in July of this year. An effective responce to terrorism would consist not only of tracking the terrorists and bringing them to justice but also educating one's own citizens to respond appropriately to terrorist acts but eliminating terrorism completely is a huge task.A hip hop group named ''The black eyed peas'' once said ''Where is the love?'' and where is it i ask?.WHERE!?.
             Most people became aware of terrorism from the september 11th attack on.on september 11th.oviously. The truth is terrorism has been going on for years and years now.september 11th just sort of magnified it and now every country has its little view on it.EXCEPT FOR ITALY .nah i'm joking even italy has its view on it.and i'm sure its a very good view also. But seriously though terrorism is a devestating and horrific thing to think about.because nobody really knows when or where its going to happen.and this causes many issues. Like for instance poverty. When a country isnt prepared for a terrorist attack and then it happens it would cause this place to lose tourists.like the bali incident. And a lot of countrys depend on tourists coming.so without tourists their economy goes down and thus causing poverty. So when we dont know when terrorism is going to happen and where then what can we do about it you ask? well we cant really do THAT much.i mean we arn't liquid here.the only things we could do is track down the suspects like the 'Al Queda Network'' and question them.but that really dosn't do much at all when you think about it because theres still going to be more terrorists and more nuclear weapons being made.

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