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Terrorism and the US Patriot Act

            In recent years the topic of terrorism has become a prevalent hot issue, sparking debate among many Americans. Debate over the current policy U.S, policy on terrorism has plowed pathways for new methods and policies on combating terrorism. The current Policy combating terrorism in the United States keeps terrorism to a minimum but can be improved to accommodate Americans and the growing demand for the upkeep of our constitutional rights.
             Shortly after the terrorist attack on the united states on September 11, 2001, president at the time George W. Bush enacted the USA Patriot Act. George bush has been quoted Stating "Terrorism against our nation will not stand" (Jones 2) a message which was hit home by the enactment of the USA Patriot Act. The Patriot Act gives law enforcement agencies increased powers enabling them to apprehend terrorist. The USA Patriot Act was enacted by congress on October 26, 2001, with the idea that it would help a crippled nation combat terrorism. The act of terrorism which is described as the act of using violence to gain political ground. According to James A. Morone author of the text "By the People Debating American Government" "The USA Patriot Act gave police and security personnel far more latitude to monitor, search, and detain suspects both abroad and at home" (Morone 683). The USA Patriot Act forfeits certain constitutional rights afforded by the constitution in an attempt of keeping the United States free of terrorism, On may 26, 2011 current president Barack Obama signed the Patriot Sunset extension act of 2011. The Patriot Sunset Extension Act of 2011 is a four year extension of three important provisions of the USA Patriot Act which has proved effective when combating terrorism. The extension extended the three of the most controversial aspects of the Patriot Act. Wiretaps, searches of public records and the conduction of surveillance of individuals suspected of having ties with terrorist organizations.

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