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The Patriot Act

            The streets of New York are busy as always. People going about their business, not worrying about how their lives could be in danger, thanks to the PATRIOT Act. The PATRIOT Act stands for Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism. It was passed 45 days after 9/11. It's purpose is, "to deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world, to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools, and for other purposes. The Act has been responsible for thwarting attacks on U.S. soil and contributing to the arrests of many criminals. However, despite the success of the Act, it has also come under fire because it violates the rights of U.S. citizens. .
             Unfortunately, the U.S. will always be a target for terrorists. In recent times however, terrorist plots were created by those who have lived here for a while. Fortunately, thanks to the increased authority provided by the PATRIOT Act, we have been able to sabotage the plots before they can be carried out. There are many cells in the U.S. For all we know, we could live next to one. However, the PATRIOT Act, granted law enforcement and the government the ability to survey suspects and make sure we stay safe. This had lead to the breakup of many cells. However, not all terrorists operate in groups. There have been many "lone wolf" style plots For example in 2009, Najibullah Zazi planned to bomb a New York subway system with a TATP chemical bomb. Zazi was already in New York City when he was arrested. He was already in New York at the time of his arrest. Thanks to certain resources granted by the PATRIOT Act, such as wiretaps, authorities were able to avert an attack that could have killed hundreds. Yet another example of the PATRIOT Act saving lives is the breakup of the "Portland Seven". Though this threat wasn't aimed at the American public, it was aimed at our brave warriors fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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